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Are you curious to know if you or your child is a candidate for Invisalign or braces?

Upload your selfies/pictures for Dr. Brigham to evaluate your smile.
Virtual smile assessment can also be used to evaluate on-going treatment.

Follow the steps below, enter your name, and state your concern.


Mobile device

2 plastic spoons

Possibly a friend to help capture photos or a tripod


Follow these steps to capture the angles needed for your virtual assessment:

Step 1. Take a photo of you smiling normally, teeth together, say “cheese” (smiling face)

Step 2. Use one spoon on each side to retract the left and right cheeks, open and capture picture of the lower arch (looks like horseshoe shape)

Step 3. Again, use one spoon on each side to retract the left and right cheeks, tilt head up, capture picture the upper arch (looks like upside down horseshoe shape)

Step 4. Now, use one spoon to retract the right cheek, bite down with your normal bite, capture a picture of the right side bite

Step 5. Repeat step 4 for the left side bite

Step 6. Finally use both spoons, retract both cheeks and bite down normally, capture picture of front teeth biting together

Try to capture clear images of your teeth and normal bite.

Submit photos to with your name.

Please allow for 48 hours for response.