This permanent cuspid-to-cuspid retainer will help keep your front teeth straight as long as you are careful of how you eat, bite, brush, and floss. Neglecting proper instructions for eating, brushing, and flossing under this permanent retainer can cause the bond between the tooth/teeth and the retainer to separate causing teeth to shift or decay. If you feel a loose bond between the tooth/teeth and the retainer, please call the office immediately to schedule an appointment to address this issue.

Please reach out to our office for questions and clarifications

480-767-8810 or

If the retainer needs to be replaced a lab fee will be added to the office visit.

Cleaning instructions

  • Brush regularly
  • Floss using floss threaders under the wire


  • Biting and tearing with the front teeth while retainer is bonded
  • Opening objects with teeth
  • Chewing stale hard gum or sticky candies
  • Chewing ice