Please note palatal expansion appliances all vary in number of turns and instructions to turn.

Frequency of tightening appliances

  • Dr. Brigham will determine number of turns per appliance for each patient/ each appointment
  • Patients may be instructed to turn the appliances at home more frequently

Result of tightening appliances

  • Patients may experience pressure for a short duration of time
  • If patients feel discomfort, over the counter acetaminophen or ibuprofen is recommended
  • Upper palatal expansion may result in space between upper front teeth  (this indicates the result of palatal expansion)
  • Spacing between teeth will be corrected with brackets and wires later in treatment


  • Avoid foods with tiny seeds and nuts (i.e. sunflower,  sesame, raspberries, almonds, peanuts, popcorn kernels, etc.)
  • Avoid sticky foods (i.e. chewing gum, gummy candies)
  • These items can get stuck in the appliance or dislodge the appliance

Tissue irritation 

  • If soft tissues feel irrigated or swollen, contact the office for exam and adjustment  (480-767-8810 or


  • Plastic water syringe will be given to patients to flush food out of the appliances
  • Water Pik / water flossers are helpful to clean food out of the appliances
  • Brushing the appliances with a tooth brush along with flushing food out of the appliances